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Phone Number: 01603 704040
Fax Number: 01603 704047
Minicom Number: 01603 704044
Email: sensorysupport@norfolk.gov.uk


Virtual School Sensory Support (VSSS) employ two full time fully registered, qualified habilitation specialists to assess and support all babies, children and young people who are blind or who have significant visual difficulties which will inhibit their ability to travel and live independently. Training may take place within the home, school and community settings. Our habilitation team operate during term time and school holidays. Referral is made through the child or young persons Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired (QTVI).

The overall aim of the Habilitation Service for Children and Young People (CYP) with Visual Impairment is to provide programmes of individual training and support to enable them to experience the highest degree of autonomy and independent living, to develop confidence with their peers, and to become safe.

Assessment of the habilitation needs of a Child or young person with a visual impairment will be holistic and take into account the views and knowledge of others, including the opinions of the young person. Assessments are provided at various stages, as the Child or young persons needs will change over time as they will require new/additional skills to enable them to become independent.

VSSS habilitation programmes include the teaching of early movement skills, spatial and body concepts as well as cane training, route learning and independent, daily living skills. Training and support can also be offered to families, school staff and the child's peers, helping them to learn more about the mobility and independent living difficulties experienced by a visually impaired child, and learn strategies to help alleviate these difficulties.

Please click here to view the Habilitation Policy