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Phone Number: 01603 704040
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Email: sensorysupport@norfolk.gov.uk

Five Day Course for Intervenors

Professionals, Children & Young People, 6th November 9:30am - 6th November 3:30pm
Five Day Course for Intervenors






This is the original Intervenor Course developed and delivered by Jenny Fletcher and colleagues from Sense. The 5-day course is specifically designed for Teaching Assistants, Health Care Workers, Learning Support Workers, Social Care Workers and those employed to work on a 1:1 basis with a child or young person who is congenitally multi-sensory impaired / deafblind, or has a single sensory impairment with additional complex needs. 

This course meets the requirements of the Intervenor Standards issued by NatSIP.

Course content includes: -

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Assessment
  • Legislation
  • Mobility
  • Implications of MSI
  • Communication
  • The Role of the Intervenor
  • Learning Environments
  • Touch Interaction

On successful completion of the five- day course participants will receive a certificate of attendance and can be classed as a Trained Intervenor. They are also eligible to join the National Organisation of Intervenors (NOI) and attend annual NOI Network days.  

For more information please contact Kim Owen or Claire Hogston at Norfolk Virtual School Sensory Support, 148 Woodside Rd, Norwich NR7 9QL

Tel No : 01603 704040

>Download application form from here<