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Inspiring a Generation – Paralympics 2012

8th October

The Norfolk & Norwich Goalball Team


John Rous Milligan Team Leader, Visually Impaired Children, Young People & Families


February 2008 saw the inaugural meeting of the Norfolk & Norwich Goalball Team.  Since that time, the club has grown to be a successful and supportive team of people committed to developing and supporting visually impaired children and young people through sport and social opportunities.


The team meets alternate Thursdays in the Sports Hall at City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.  Now, four years later the session regularly has up to fifteen players with about ten supporters and coaches, not forgetting the three Guide Dogs!


Goalball is a Paralympic sport and involves a team of three attempting to score goals by rolling a heavy ball containing bells past the three opposing defenders, all players wear eye shades so have to rely on their hearing and anticipatory skills.  The court is laid out on a volleyball court with string taped down to provide a tactile cue so the players can orientate themselves.  With the ball reaching speeds of up to sixty mph, Goalball can be fast and furious!


The Team all supported their team mate Amy Ottaway as she represented the GB Women's Goalball Team at Paralympics 2012 and were delighted to be asked to play a demonstration game at the UEA Paralympic Flame event in August 2012.


Since the Paralympic coverage and the increasing profile of sport, we have been contacted by seven potential new players plus two Complex Needs Schools, two Mainstream schools and one FE provider all of whom are interested in developing the sport with the young people they work with.


Building on the Paralympic spirit and legacy, the Norfolk & Norwich Goalball Team welcome anyone who may be interested in playing and supporting the club.  The game is played at Novice, Intermediate and Elite levels with only Elite games requiring all players to be visually impaired.


For more information, contact:


John Rous Milligan

Team Leader, Visually Impaired Children, Young People & Families

Virtual School Sensory Support

Woodside Road

Norwich.  NR7 9QL


Tel: 01603 704040

E-mail: john.milligan@norfolk.gov.uk

Mobile: 07876145918

For further information about the Virtual School: www.norfolk.gov.uk/sensory


*Some recent pictures (all show players and coaches who have agreed their images can be used)


 Warming up before a game


 The Thursday Night Gang


 Matthew shoots at the Paralympic Flame Event, UEA 2012

 Team and Coaches at UEA 2012