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School Options for Deaf Children


It is important that you are able to make an informed choice about which school your child attends. 


There are a number of options available to deaf children in Norfolk.  You may want to discuss these options with your child’s teacher of the deaf. 


When you are ready, visit the schools that you want to consider, this will give you a clear idea of what each offers.


Your Local School


If you choose your local school, your child will attend the same school as other children in the neighbourhood. They will also have access to:


  • Advisory and teaching visits from your child’s Teacher of the Deaf
  • Information about opportunities to mix with a deaf peer group through out of school events e.g. through social and sporting activities.
  • Speech & Language Therapy, as appropriate.
  • Additional support where necessary e.g. note-takers



Deaf Resource Bases


There are Deaf Resource Bases in Colman Infant School, Colman Junior School and also City Academy Norwich.

All children can access the specialist support provided by Resource Bases as well as being part of their class and school community. 

Within the bases, your child may have access to:

  • Teaching from the Teacher of the Deaf
  • Small group teaching
  • A Specialist Support Assistant who may support your child in class, as appropriate
  • Speech & Language therapy, as appropriate
  • A Deaf peer group
  • A Deaf adult role model
  • Home to school transport, if needed


Sensory Support for Children with Additional Needs


The Clare School is a mixed day Community Complex Needs School in Norwich, for pupils from 3 to 19 years of age. The school caters for children with special needs, usually associated with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairments.

Within the school your child might have access to:

  • Teaching from Teachers of the Deaf
  • Teaching/support from Teachers of the Visually and Multi-Sensory Impaired
  • Small group teaching
  • Access to nursing team, Speech & Language, Physio and Occupational Therapy
  • A Specialist Learning Support Assistant may support your child in class, as appropriate
  • In-Class / Hall Sound Field System
  • Sensory Studios
  • Environmental Controls Rooms
  • Home to school transport; if needed
  • Access through technology team on site


Out of County Options


There are a number of options for placement out of county, for example,


  • It may be appropriate for a child/young person to attend a Deaf Resource Base out of county - this is usually based on where they are living at the time.
  • It may also be appropriate for a child/young person to attend an out of county school for various reasons including schools for the deaf.  For more information please discuss with your Teacher of the Deaf.