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Phone Number: 01603 704040
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Minicom Number: 01603 704044
Email: sensorysupport@norfolk.gov.uk


Referrals to Virtual School Sensory Support Guidance notes


Virtual School Sensory Support aims to deliver high quality, comprehensive and flexible services for children who have a sensory loss. Our team consists of teachers of the deaf and visually impaired with additional qualifications and experience in working with and supporting young people with a sensory impairment.

The aim of these guidance notes is to assist schools and families in the referral process, to ensure that all relevant information is included with the referral and to make sure that we are able to see the young person as soon as possible.

Virtual School Sensory Support have an open referral system

The purpose of our assessments in schools, settings or homes is to provide a functional assessment of the child or young person?s vision or hearing and to provide advice and support to enable children with sensory impairments to access the curriculum where appropriate.

Virtual School Sensory Support are happy to receive referrals from a range of professionals including preschool settings, parents, schools and health professionals.

A referral to Virtual School Sensory Support may be made by the Key Person or School / setting SENCo with Parental Permission if a child has a diagnosed impairment or if some concern has been expressed about their sight and / or hearing.


Additional considerations for referring a child with a visual impairment


We do not carry out assessments for Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)

Diagnosis of medical problems of any sort, including problems of refraction or binocular vision cannot be made on the basis of these assessments. If there are any concerns, and, where appropriate, to eliminate pathology of the visual system, the child should in the first instance be referred to an ophthalmologist, orthoptist or optometrist working in an Eye Clinic at a hospital. (The referral route is usually via the student?s General Practitioner).

If a child without a diagnosis is being referred for a visual assessment, confirmation that they have had a recent eye-test (within the last 12 months) should be provided with the referral.

Please note - Referrals may not be accepted without this confirmation.

Completed referral forms should be sent to:

Virtual School Sensory Support, Sensory Support Centre, Woodside Road, Norwich. NR7 9QL

Once received at the Sensory Support Centre the referral will be:-

  • Logged onto the Sensory Support referral database

  • The Team Leader for Hearing or Visual Impairment will allocate the referral to a teacher in the appropriate team and geographical location    

  • The teacher will make an appointment to observe and assess the child ? Parents will be invited to attend this appointment

  • The teacher will confirm the appointment with the Parents and setting

  • Following the assessment a report written by the teacher will be sent to the Parents and setting

  • The report may contain strategies that could be adopted and added to an Individual Education Plan or may be written to provide advice for a Statement of Special Educational Need. 

  • The teacher and / or the report will also identify whether the child will be allocated to a regular / annual caseload using the Virtual School Sensory Support Criteria for Involvement or whether no further action is required.   

Visual and/or Hearing Skills Assessment Referral Form