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Hearing Impairment

Radio Aids


The Phonak Roger product range opens up a whole new world of hearing. Phonak, well known for their hearing aids, have used their microelectronics resources to develop the unique Inspiro and Roger digital wireless technology and highly miniaturised radio aid systems.

The Phonak miniature ear level receivers are ideally suited for teenagers as they offer a very cosmetically discreet system - the Roger receiver simply plugs directly into a direct input shoe which in turn connects to the hearing aid.

Together with a transmitter the Phonak radio aid offers a system with an exceptionally cosmetic receiver and a smart transmitter with variable microphone pick-up characteristics. The look of the receivers makes the system immediately attractive.



How can a Radio Aid System help? 

In crowded situations or when a voice source is more than arms length away, hearing aid users can find background noise levels as loud as the voice they want to hear. A radio aid system greatly improves the clarity of sound by allowing a human voice or another desired sound source, to be fed electronically into the listening device, reducing background noise and sound loss between speaker and listener.


How to read an Audiogram



Soundfield System


This is an amplification system which broadcasts the teacher's voice around the classroom evenly.

The teacher speaks into a microphone, this is then transmitted to the speaker at the back of the classroom wirelessly.  The pupil's radio aid transmitter is directly connected to the Soundfield, which then transmits to the pupil's reciever (known as re-broadcasting)



Lightspeed Redcat Soundfield System showing teacher microphone along with full size passaround microphone